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Helping Individuals in the Greater Danbury Area with Tax Preparation and Planning

Every person can use a little help with preparing and filing their income taxes. Bliss Allred & Co. LLC provides individual tax services to meet your needs. We welcome all business owners and independent contractors who require their personal taxes to be planned out as effectively as their business taxes.

Prior Year Return Reviews

Before we can look to the future, we must understand your past tax experience. We look at the 1040 forms that were filled out during your previous seasons. From here, we know where you have been and can better determine where you should be.

Additionally, in the event that the IRS believes a previous year’s taxes need to be investigated, this preliminary review lets us represent you effectively.  We’ve looked through all line items, so we can better explain their validity in front of an auditing agent.

Deduction Maximization

The 1040 is more involved than many realize, especially regarding the list of available deductions. You may not be taking all the deductions that are available to you, and you might overlook those you could benefit from next year. Bliss Allred & Co. LLC makes sure your deductions are being used efficiently for long-term savings.

Reliable Tax Plans

Almost every situation you encounter in life has tax consequences. As such, thinking ahead about your tax obligations and planning for them effectively relies on discerning how each decision affects your upcoming return.

Bliss Allred & Co. LLC develops tax plans that help you navigate various life events. We ask the right questions to develop an effective plan as well as take the time to find the proper answers. We also communicate proactively with you, keeping you informed and involved in all major decisions. From financing a new car to passing stock options on to your children, we develop strategies that help you save on your current and future taxes.

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The communities of Newtown, Redding, Newtown, and Danbury all have one thing in common: they are full of people looking to only pay what they truly owe the IRS. The individual tax services of Bliss Allred & Co. LLC help them achieve this goal. For more information about how we can help you optimize your 1040, schedule a consultation with our firm today.

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