CFO Controller Services

CFO Controller Services in Newtown

CFOs are essential to a growing business, but these financial leaders are costly to hire. To obtain the executive assistance your organization requires, and do so cost-effectively, work with Bliss Allred & Co. LLC. We offer a full complement of controller services without the expense of a salaried employee. With our expertise and support, you can improve internal stability, achieve higher profit margins, and receive reliable advice as your business evolves.

Cost-Effective Controller Assistance

Our CFO controller services are tailored to meet your budget requirements and supply the support you need in specific areas. We take pride in our comprehensive approach, giving even the smallest details our full attention. Additionally, our team goes beyond data entry and simple tasks; we want to provide valuable service that makes your business more capable and more profitable.

We have three distinct levels of CFO services available, including:

Precise Bookkeeping

We keep your books accurate, performing every level of accounting function. From payroll processing to tax planning, we ensure your company stays compliant with all regulations, even as they change. Our team is vigilant in correcting and reconciling errors, ensuring your general ledger stays balanced.

CFO Expertise

Combining our accounting management with practical insight increases your business’ capabilities. We develop customized reports based on hard data. This allows us to show you where earnings are on-target and areas for improvement. We keep key staff informed by conducting monthly presentations with your board. Our independent perspective reveals opportunities for growth, paving the way for increased profitability.

Controllership Guidance

Stability is key to your success. We work with you to develop internal policy and management systems to achieve efficient operations. Our assistance can resolve many of the internal issues businesses face, from preventing fraud to balancing leadership roles.

Bliss Allred & Co. LLC Helps Your Business Succeed

You’re good at what you do, so let us take care of everything else. Our goal is to free our clients’ time and energy for the aspects they are passionate about. Call us today -- we’d love to be a part of your team!

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