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Full-Service Bookkeeping in Newtown

Many businesses need a bookkeeper that does more than reconcile entries in the general ledger. They need a professional who handles the more complex aspects of accounting. For these requirements, CPA Matt Allred and the team at Bliss Allred & Co. LLC provide effective bookkeeping services for businesses throughout Newtown and the surrounding communities.

Reconciling Bank Accounts and Charge Records

In daily record-keeping, simple mistakes like an occasional double-entry on a charge account can occur. These problems often go unnoticed. As these errors add up, they cause discrepancies between what a company’s financial statements report and the actual funds available.

Our firm conducts reconciliation services to bring these numbers back in line. We identify inaccuracies in the general ledger, as well as how they occurred. Then, we advise on steps you can take to rectify these errors, so your accounts reflect your company’s financial standing accurately.

Streamlining Sales Reporting

Sometimes mistakes occur when tracking the sale of products and services. As we reconcile your ledger, we also work to streamline the sales reporting process to promote accurate statements. In the process, the number of errors that require reconciliation is minimized.

Payroll and Withholding Setup

Bookkeeping includes not only tracking your company’s cash flow but also employee wages. We help you manage your employees’ hours, as well as payroll withholdings. This process is critical for any business, yet most owners do not have the time or dedicated staff to handle this function in-house.

The bookkeeping services Bliss Allred & Co. LLC provides comprise setting up your payroll process and the payment schedule for withholdings. We prepare your payroll reports and ensure they are filed appropriately with the federal and state tax boards. Our firm keeps you compliant with the regulations you are expected to fulfill.

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Bliss Allred & Co. LLC has been serving Newtown, Redding, Newtown, Danbury, and all surrounding communities for over a decade. Thorough bookkeeping assistance is one of many ways we support clients. For more information about how we help local businesses thrive, call and schedule a consultation today.

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