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Deciphering Your Business’s Taxes in Newtown

No matter their size, business entities experience more complex tax obligations than individuals. These intricacies are often difficult to understand without professional guidance.  Bliss Allred & Co. LLC provides tax services to small-to-medium sized businesses in Newtown as well as the surrounding communities.

If you are a business owner looking for knowledgeable financial assistance, consider our experienced CPA, Matt Allred for all your company’s tax responsibilities.

Tax Preparation Assistance

Every business is unique, and our CPA understands this. At your initial consultation, he takes the time to listen and discuss the financial goals you have for your business. Whether you have just established your company or your tax obligations have grown beyond what you can manage, our in-depth approach is often precisely what’s needed. Your business goals are our goals, and we strive to build that trust with each client.

Our Newtown tax professional works with you to organize current accounts, address discrepancies, and ensure all necessary statements are up to date.  With our help, the information reported complies with all local, state, and federal regulations. We offer accounting and bookkeeping services to provide business owners with more confidence in their finances and make tax preparation easier.

Tax Planning Guidance

Our tax planning services are designed to help you maximize your revenue, minimize unnecessary expenditures, and ensure that you save both time and resources. We make it easy to strategize for the next year.

Our services are developed to improve your compliance and protect you from unexpected IRS audits. When you entrust our experienced CPA with your tax and accounting needs, tax planning becomes more effective. Given the opportunity to aid as your tax professionals, we accurately maintain all financial aspects so you can focus on maximizing your business’s profits.

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At Bliss Allred & Co. LLC, we take an individualized approach to managing your business's finances. We believe that taxes are a measure of success and it is our job to help you maintain as much of that success as possible.

We encourage you to contact our Newtown firm to schedule your comprehensive tax consultation today!

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