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In this day and age, an accountant is so much more than the person keeping your books and filing your taxes. A good CPA builds a long-term relationship with you and supports your business goals.

At Bliss Allred & Co. LLC, your success is our success. This is why we do our very best to ensure that the Newtown businesses we work with are equipped with the knowledge and skills to enhance profitability. Your business partnership with us is more than just a client account -- it’s an investment in your future.

Whatever your financial objectives are, Bliss Allred & Co. LLC is here to help you achieve them. Whether you’d like to expand in 5 years, consolidate assets, or sell and retire, we can make sure you have the appropriate plan in place to make those goals a reality.

Our Process

First, we look at your revenue, expenses, and ascertain whether you’re meeting your expectations. We want to understand how you do business and identify the policies and procedures that need to change to reach the endgame you’ve envisioned. Our team starts by looking at the structure of your company and discuss the benefits of shifting to a simpler or more complex entity.

We adapt our role as required to serve each client best, and our network of trusted experts resolves any query or request we can't accommodate directly.

Advisory from Bliss Allred & Co. LLC

  • Business Planning

If you’re starting out, we’re here to make sure you do so with your best foot forward. We’ll help you put together a detailed financial plan to launch the business properly, establishing a pathway to success.

  • Entity Structuring

Perhaps your business is filed as an S-corp when an LLC would be more beneficial to your tax situation. Bliss Allred & Co. LLC examines your business model to ensure that you’re getting the most out of how it’s structured.

  • Budgets & Forecasts

One of the best ways to track growth and success is laying out a budget and predicting future profits and expenditures. The projections act as a baseline by which you can judge your company’s current performance.

  • Bookkeeping

No company can avoid the need for bookkeeping, but you can reduce the amount of time it takes from your responsibilities as an owner. Our experienced and knowledgeable accountant will manage your books for you.

  • Tax Planning

For those that don’t have an in-depth understanding of current tax law, navigating your taxes and deductions can be daunting. We’ll make sure that you’re taking every step necessary to ethically minimize your tax liability and keep you in the black.

  • Growth Strategies

Whether trying to open new locations, or expand your current operations, we’re here to help. We’ll work with you to give you the tools you need to reach your goals, from financial modeling to pro forma projections.

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